Here’s Hillary’s… Handwriting Analysis

This analysis, coming to you by popular demand.

I’ve got to give Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton one thing, she’s tenacious. Over the years, I’ve done many reviews of her handwriting and have noted some of the subtle changes throughout time. Specifically I’ve seen these changes in the center of her letter H. While she was the first lady, the shape in the center of the H was more of a triangle, it’s evolved into more of an oval now. This tells me Hillary has a softer side to her that may have come with nothing more glamorous than age.

Looking at anyone’s handwriting one must keep in mind, there is a good side and bad side to every letter and no one initial or letter is better than the other. A lot of other handwriting analysts believe Hillary uses Rodham to define her independence, but I think it’s more than that. I have a high belief in peoples’ initials and the energy that brings to a personality. There are five ‘power letters’ in the alphabet, they are the heads of groups of letters. (D,H,K,R,T) For example, the R is the leader of the creative letters. It’s a power letter, the C is not. The C is the letter of the feminine, it’s nice and soft and doesn’t really like the limelight. (Think of Hillary and Bill’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, a double dose of the soft C. Do we see her in the spotlight? Is she anything but pleasant and nice? No… Chelsea imbues the letter C.) Back to Hillary, of course she wanted to claim Bill when she married him but to give up a powerful, more masculine letter for the soft, simple letter C? I don’t see it. That is my opinion of why she still uses Rodham, it’s more her. Her R indicates she has great ideas, thinks, is intelligent.

Her letters have very little slant, she’s a weigh-out-your-options kind of gal. In fact, she may play the ‘what if’ game in her head, ‘if’ I did that, ‘what’ would happen. She’s also a worrier and may even make pros/cons lists as a visual aid for things. She’s adaptable, flexible and strong-willed. My guess is, she’s a hard person to get to know, a bit of a loner, but once you have her loyalty, she’s fiercely devoted. She has classic politician’s dishonesty that associates with pandering and dishonesty by omission, in other words, she can skate around the truth without actually telling lies. (All of this paragraph has been consistent in her writing in the last twenty years.)

Mrs. Clinton’s writing has been featured in many handwriting analysis’ books and articles and over time, has changed with her age, but her core values have remained. She’s open-minded, practical, has critical thinking skills as well as creativity. There is a suggestion she is goal-driven and has an appetite for more responsibility. The rest of this election is going to be mighty interesting. Thanks for reading.

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