Handwriting analysis of my least favorite candidate

There are a thousand and one reasons I didn’t vote for Donald Trump today, many of them can be seen in his signature alone.

My knee jerk reaction… He’s motivated by sex, power and money. He’s intense and egotistical and completely lacks empathy. Oh wait, did I get that from his television campaign? Nope, his signature. As we know, cursive writing is a combination of curves and angles but sometimes, one favors the other, like with Trump’s. His favors the angular completely. A person without curves and softness is linear, analytical, driven and focused, and that’s his public face.

Harsh angles imply critical thinking and sharpness, Donald Trump’s penmanship shows someone determined, competitive, challenged, angry and fearful as well as someone that craves power, prestige and admiration. (Not to change the subject, but have you seen Hitler’s writing. Turn it sideways and compare it to The Donald’s. Odd, huh?) Donald Trump does have some of the qualities for leadership, let’s face it; he consistently lands on his feet. He’s been bankrupt more than once, in the limelight, and on the front pages of the tabloids and still has the money, power and enough narcissism to want to run for President of the United States. Yes, that can all be seen in his writing. He’s created his own world, one in which, he is the bully and proud of it. The low maturity level is also shown in his writing, his rash and snap decision making process and argumentative nature.

Let’s also look at the moral compass. Most politicians have some kind of dishonesty in their signatures. Usually they show the dishonesty sign that relates to pandering, in other words, they will tell one audience one thing and another audience the exact opposite. Donald Trump has that trait. He isn’t above deception to get his way either. Being secretive and exaggeration is also shown in the dishonesty categories of Donald’s writing. (He shares those last few traits with GeorgeW.) It should also be noted his writing is completely different than his signature, that’s an indication of a person who acts/speaks differently in public than in private. His private writing (not signature) also shows low IQ and a person that needs the approval of others.

Being a professional handwriting analyst, I analyzed his writing and reported just the facts as I see them. I’m basing my analysis on just one signature and one piece of writing, they were both pictures from the internet, not originals. I have my own personal reasons why I do not support this presidential candidate. One has to ask themselves does he have any political experience to be president? Our country isn’t a business built for profit of a chosen few. There’s no reality show, no bankruptcy or con-college, it’s our country. What Donald Trump’s signature lacks is class, poise, self-control, as well as, charm and grace. He would not make a very good leader for this country.

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