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Not an ideal place for incompetence (it’s not about hating Trump)

It’s not about hating Trump. It’s about incompetence.

Humor me and let’s pretend you have a child in the fourth grade. When you meet your son or daughter’s new teacher, Mr. Drumfp, you discover this is his first-year teaching. You congratulate him on getting through school and know his first-time teaching will be challenging yet rewarding. There will be a learning curve for him as well as the young minds he’s molding, you tell him.

“I don’t need education, or briefings from the school,” he replies, “I’ll make your student great again.” Mr. Drumfp smiles, and gives you a look that makes you feel a little uncomfortable, like he’s checking you out as he comments he didn’t actually go to university. He didn’t get a teaching certificate. (The look he’s giving you is definitely inappropriate.)But you know your student was great before, you’ve always known your child’s potential. It strikes you then, he has no education or experience to teach. It doesn’t appear he has any interest in your student.

“But hey, how hard could it be?” he asks returning his gaze to your face, bringing his attention back to the conversation. He then begins to explain to you a new alternative facts math program that he just made up. “It’s so easy, incredibly easy, so that even the students that don’t know math can do the equations, the forgotten students will never not be able to do the math.” On the chalkboard, he writes 2 + 2 = 2.2 then 3 + 1 = 3.1.

You and your student exchange a look. Your child pipes up, “Mr. Drumfp, the answer to both those equations are four.”

Vehemently, Mr. Drumfp shakes his head, “You’re wrong” he barks, “false”. Your kid looks at you confused.

Mr. Drumfp adds science isn’t a thing  and that won’t be on the agenda for your student. At this point, he’s beaming with excitement. He’s is obviously eager to teach your impressionable child this alternative way of thinking.

He goes on to explain he’s building a wall around the playground to ensure no other students from other schools will be able to play on the best playground, “The absolute most amazing playground you’ll ever see. Its’ huge, it’s magnificent.” He suggests another school is going to pay for the wall, “Well, the tax payers will pay for it first, then the other school will reimburse us for it once it’s built,” he explains.

Mr. Drumfp adds keeping an all-white student body will keep your child safe, “And none of that LGBTQ crap,” he declares, “only straight, white, Christian students will be attending your student’s new class.”

His smile is condescending. As you exit the classroom he is still comforting you, and in your mind, you think there must be something redeeming about him if the school hired him. He pats your butt as you leave and makes a flattering comment regarding your breasts.

So now what? Do you explain to your son or daughter, “honey, you have to go to school for twelve whole years, and you only have to have Mr. Drumfp for one year. You’ll survive.” OR to you realize your child’s potential if they can just get the right guidance and accurate information in a loving and safe environment? You don’t hate Mr. Drumfp, you just want what’s in your kid’s best interest. You want his or her teacher to have some education behind them, perhaps a little experience in teaching. Why?  Because you love your child.

It’s not about hating Mr. Trump. It’s about wanting the right person for the job; a competent, compassionate and literate leader. I know my country’s potential. I know it’s smart, caring and knows right from wrong. It’s about doing what’s in the best interest for a country you’ve loved your whole life. No, I don’t want Mr. Drumfp teaching my kid and I don’t want Mr. Trump ruining my country. So far, in less than a month, his ratings are lower than any other president in history. Everyday it’s something that’s definitely not great, definitely not in the best interest of the middle class. Please America… care.

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Patriotism at it’s finest – My thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the National Anthem

For the record, I don’t give a flying *%#^! about football. I don’t watch it, I don’t care. That being said, there has been yet another controversial saga attached to the NFL that I’ll throw my two cents in on.

Over the years, my daughter rarely got in trouble at school. I can count on one hand the number of times I was summons to the principal’s office. The first time stands out in my head and applies to today’s headlines. Jayden must have been in first or second grade when I got a phone call from the school that we needed to have a meeting with her principal and teacher. Apparently my darling daughter refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance. As we sat in the cramped office of the principal’s, my kid explained to the three of us she didn’t feel right about making a pledge of allegiance to a republic for which it stands.

“Listen to the words, mom.” She pleaded with me. “I don’t even know what the republic stands for and if I did, what if I disagree with some of it? I can’t make a promise to something I disagree with.” As an afterthought she added, “And which god?”

FACT: The original pledge of allegiance was written by a socialist in the late eighteen-hundreds so that all the school children of the nation could participate in the opening ceremonies of the World’s Fair which was being held in Chicago, Illinois that year. It was coordinated throughout the country that all the students would recite it at a specified time so they could all feel included.

Recently, Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49’s, refused to stand for the National Anthem. He was quoted as saying “I’m not going to stand up to show pride in flag for a country that opposes black people.” He gave several accurate and poignant examples of why he was protesting. It had nothing to do with the military, the troops or frankly, our government. It has everything to do with the way black people are treated in this country. Mr. Kaepernick has an agenda and an audience and he did just what he set out to do, make a point. A very patriotic point.

When a person consciously decides to exercise their first amendment rights there can be repercussions. Like a visit to the principal’s office or losing an endorsement. (Which, by the way, Colin said even if they do take away his endorsements, he knows he did what was right. He followed his heart, how many of us have done that? If only my minor actions could produce such an awareness.) Either way, as FREE Americans we have the right to stand, or sit when the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance is being recited. When Mr. Kaepernick stayed sitting to make a stand, no law broken. He didn’t hurt anyone or cause his team or family or country harm.

Mr. Kaepernick, I applaud you for using your rights as an American citizen to bring to light the discrimination that happens every day in this country. I applaud you for using the NFL as your platform. I agree with you one million times over and would sit by your side while the Star-spangled banner plays any day. Personally, I would not want to be treated like a black person in this country. I can’t imagine any of my white friends wanting to either. (Any of my white readers, raise your hand if you’d like to be treated as a black person? No? No one?) You wanted people talking about how racist and bigoted this country has become and you did it with a simple, non-violent act. Well done, Mr. Kaepernick, well done.

So maybe football isn’t so boring. Let’s go 49er’s!