Additional Services

“All About YOU” Parties

What do women  like to talk about more than anything else? THEMSELVES!
All About YOU parties are designed to get to know yourself and your BFFs. Getting the party started, you and your guests will play a Doodle Game where everyone indulges in a little drawing and some self-discovery. This psychology test was developed by the University of California and is simple and fun if not revealing. DW learned her techniques from Andrea McNichol‘s program and coupled it with a psychology degree.
Face-reading, Numerology and Handwriting Analysis follows and everyone will get a chance to learn a little something new about themselves. Rates vary ($99 per hour and up), please contact her directly for more information and scheduling*.

Do something different for your next get together.

Curriculum Vitae – Handwriting Analysis

Key Skills

Forgeries – Authentication of signatures
Graphology – changing one’s writing to change one’s behavior
Integrity Statements – Honesty statements
Compatibility through handwriting
Employment placement
Personality profiles – living or deceased


Bachelors of Science degree – University of Phoenix – Psychology,  graduated 2012
Associates – Utah Valley State College -Business Management, graduated 1991
Handwriting Analyst Certification – 2007
Forensic Document Examiner Certification – 2010


LPIPA (Loss Prevention Industry Professionals Association) – 2009 to present
Murphy Oil Corporation – 2007 to present
Valero Energy Corporation – 2008 to present
Speedway Motors – 2012 to present
Ronald McDonald House, Girl’s Night Out – 2007 through 2013
Jennifer Sullivan – 2013
Mary Sulley v. – 2013
Travel Centers of America – 2012 to present
CKE Restaurants – 2011 to present
Kari Winters v. – 2011
Stephen Mitchell v. – 2011
Jeanne Slay v. – 2010
Margaret Pomeroy v. – 2010
James Clark, ESQ – 2007 to present

Public Speaking

DW has had numerous public speaking appearances.
Regardless of the topic, DW adds energy and class to any presentation.
Rates and availability subject to change*.
Contact DW directly for more information.

*DW lives outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Some travel expenses may be included in a monetary quote.