The Sinners’ Club

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After a death bed confession, grieving son Gaius Stewart, searches for answers about his lifelong-absent father. Hoping to find peace after his mother’s passing, Gaius uses her life insurance policy money for a trip to Pleasant, Utah to discover who his father really was. When he ends up meeting his grandparents for the first time, he is mistaken by his Alzheimer’s ridden grandmother as the son she thought was lost in Afghanistan. Gaius ends up playing along and staying longer than anticipated. He discovered more than expected in the small-minded town. Return Mormon Missionary, Elizabeth Anderson has caught his eye. Sister Anderson was just sent home early from her mission for mysterious reasons. She thought she wanted nothing more than to serve others with her faith until she witnessed a lifetime of bigotry and was wrongly accused of inappropriate conduct. Her faith finds itself on questionable ground. Not only with her parents who don’t understand her early dismissal but also in her heart. Can Elizabeth find a reason to believe in something bigger than her ingrained beliefs through a man who claims to be Pagan? Is love outside of her faith possible? The new guy definitely thinks so.

4 reviews for The Sinners’ Club

  1. Loved every page!!!
    Very enlightening on subjects that I have thought about but never asked.
    Can’t wait for the next book!

  2. Thought provoking,sweet. The main characters are believable and seem like people I would want to hang out with. Entertaining and educational. Oh! The side stories are worth mentioning too, it’s not a LGBT book, but maybe it should be… no spoiler alerts here. Highly recommended.

  3. The Sinners’ Club by D.W. Plato, hooked me right from the beginning with a tender prologue that left me wanting more. The young love between Gaius and Elizabeth is not the typical Romeo and Juliet story. Plato takes the reader, and her characters, on an exploration of faith, from Mormonism to Buddhism, and everywhere in between. Her attention to detail brings the heart wrenching reality and impact of intolerance to the forefront; not only on society, but also on those we love most. The Sinners’ Club is a great read for anyone eighteen or older who contemplates faith and its ability to shape who we are and who we love.

  4. DW Plato brings us a sweet tale of love in a traditional opposites attract fashion. Her characters are well developed and the touches of religion that are sprinkled in the book, both Mormon and Pagan, are done with respect and intelligence so as not to make the reader feel uncomfortable in examining each point of view. It’s a fun story of love overcoming odds and finding solid ground in a relationship. Very enjoyable read

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